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Expert dance lessons for all ages in Harlow

Dance school specialising in a range of dance styles

Established in 1991, Karen Chapman School of Dancing is a friendly, welcoming, and personal dance school in Harlow. We are more than happy to offer a wide range of dance styles for all ages, such as teaching children tap dance, ballet, theatre craft, and freestyle/disco, as well as ballet and adults tap.

We take pride in all the incredible, fun shows we host all year round, as well as hold a 100% pass rate in all exams undertaken! Helping to teach everyone a variety of different dance types, our highly qualified dance teachers can guarantee to get you moving and dancing like a professional in no time. Get in touch today for more information!

Karen Chapman school of dance
Karen Chapman school of dance
Karen Chapman school of dance
Karen Chapman school of dance

Karen Chapman School of Dancing is a friendly atmosphere with fun & technical routines, appropriate for all experience levels - modified for abilities and ages. Grade-work and show-work!


We like to record all the shows we put on throughout the year, as we are proud to showcase all our pupil's hard work. If you would like to see all our past shows, feel free to look at our gallery to see our classes and workshop as well as past shows and productions. Our gallery gives you an opportunity to see what the school is like and what you could be taking part in.

If you require a look at what our classrooms look like for either yourself or your child, then not a problem, as below we have a range of photos to give you an idea on what our classes would be like.

If you would like to participate in any of our show-stopping dance productions across Essex, make sure you give us a call today on 07967 090430